What happens if I get a fine while borrowing a car?

Short answer:

If you get a speeding fine, parking fine or other traffic infringement notice while borrowing a car (including where the car gets a parking fine after you leave it), you will be responsible for paying the fine plus a $40 admin fee, and taking any associated demerit points.

If you get a fine during your booking

  • If you are issued a fine during your booking, pay it straight away and email a photo of the fine to members@carnextdoor.com.au with proof of payment.

If the owner is sent a fine after your booking

  • We will check the booking records to see who had the car at the time.
  • If the records show that you are responsible for the fine, Car Next Door will provide your name, address, date of birth, driver licence number and state or country of issue to the owner.
  • The owner will tell the issuing authority that you are responsible for the fine.
  • The agency will re-issue the fine directly to you.
  • We will charge a $40 administration fee to cover the time it takes for the owner and Car Next Door to transfer the fine.

If you think you have been assigned a fine incorrectly

You can contest the fine with the relevant authority once the fine is in your name.

Remember: if the car gets a parking fine in the place you left it, you're responsible - no matter how long it's been since your trip ended.

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