Credit checks for account activation

Short answer:

To be eligible for membership, you will need to have satisfactory credit history. Car Next Door runs a credit check (with the applicant's consent) as part of the application process.

When you sign up, there is a step in the form where you need to agree that Car Next Door can conduct a credit check. If you don't agree, then we won't be able to consider your application for membership.


We comply with the consumer credit reporting laws when exchanging credit information with credit reporting bodies.

You can find more detail in our privacy and credit reporting policy.

We assess each application for membership individually, and your credit record is just one factor that we look at.

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  • I'm trying to rent out my car (my property). Why would you run a credit check people putting their car out for rent? I doesn't make sense at all? You should credit check when people Borrowing or Sharing other people car only?

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  • This is Totally Unfair & Silly Idea that If someone Has Low Credit Record won't Be Able to Borrow a Car!

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  • Credit check For Borrowing Car Is not Fair ! When Customers are paying Deposit & Extra Money For Insurance plus All the amount Of renting the car All up front So what's the reason for credit check ?!
    This is not Borrowing Money or a loan!

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