Note: This information is for Owners wanting to open their car's lockbox. If you're a Borrower wanting to open the lockbox of a car you've borrowed follow the steps in the Car Next Door app.

Short answer:

You can generate a code and find the instructions to open your car's lockbox at any time through the website or app.

Getting a lockbox code

  1. Log in to the webiste or app
  2. Go to 'Cars'
  3. Click on 'Open lockbox'

Opening the lockbox

Once you have the code, follow these steps to open the lockbox:

  1. To wake the lockbox, hold [ENT] until the keypad lights up or beeps.
  2. Input the code, and press [ENT]. The “Ready” light should flash green, and you should hear a beep (it may be very faint).
  3. If you enter the code incorrectly four times, then you will need to wait one minute before you can try again.
  4. Open the lockbox from the top

Remember to close the lockbox firmly when you're done and make sure the key is inside ready for the next Borrower.

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  • How long does the lockbox code remain active?

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  • It is mentioned that in the case of Key Handover the Odometer reader needs to be snapped and uploaded in the app or website. So when using an Instant Key how does the KM get registered without snapping the image of the Odometer?

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