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Your car doesn't need to be showroom clean all the time, but you do need to keep it reasonably clean and tidy, in line with our car cleanliness standards. Borrowers are also responsible for returning your car in line with these standards.

If a Borrower returns your car dirty, take some photos and let us know so we can sort it out and compensate you.

  Quick tip

You can book a one-off or monthly clean with one of our cleaning partners to make keeping your car clean easier. As a Car Next Door Owner, you'll get a discounted rate.

Tips for keeping your car clean

For many of us, keeping our car clean and tidy all the time takes practice. Some tips for keeping your car clean:

  • Keep a bag or small bin in your car, and take any rubbish with you after each trip.
  • Put a bottle of soapy water and a cloth in the boot, for quick and easy spot cleaning.
  • Re-fill the windscreen wiper solution, and give the windscreen a quick clean with the squeegee when you refuel.
  • Get a hand-vac for quick interior cleaning. If this is not feasible, make sure you have an extension cord for your home vacuum. If that doesn’t work either, find out where the nearest self-serve carwash is, and swing past regularly to do a quick vacuum.
  • Don't smoke in your car (or let your passengers light up) - Borrowers aren't allowed to smoke in your car either
  • If you carry animals in your car make sure you clean up after them, and if you're happy for Borrowers to take their pets in your car too mark it as pet friendly
  • Log in to the website (not app) and select 'Car care services' in the top right menu to find a recommended cleaner offering discounted rates for Car Next Door members, if you'd rather delegate the job to a professional.

Fees apply if you leave your car dirty

Borrowers expect to find cars in a reasonably clean and tidy state. If a Borrower turns up to drive and finds that the car is unacceptably dirty, then you will incur a fee as set out in our Fee Schedule (and you’re likely to lose that Borrower as a customer!). 

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