What is a 'cancelled time' or 'unused time' charge?

Short answer:

If you cancel or edit a booking you may need to pay a charge for 'cancelled time' or 'unused time'. This is a charge that applies when you cancel all or part of your booking, so that some of the time you had originally booked now goes unused. This includes when you return a car early, cancel a booking, or edit the start or end times of your booking.

For example:

  1. you make a booking to start at 9.30am
  2. you later change the booking to start at 10.00am
  3. the 30 minutes from 9.30-10.00am is considered 'cancelled time' and will be charged

When can I edit or cancel my booking without charges?

You can make changes to your booking within one hour of making it without any charge. After that, if you cancel all or part of a booking less than 48 hours before your booking is due to start, a fee will be charged.

Why do I need to pay for time I didn't use the car?

These charges are in place to compensate the car's owner for the fact that your booking may have prevented others from booking the car at that time. If another member books the car after you cancel or edit your booking, the owner has not lost any income and so you will not be charged for that time.

The charges for cancelled or unused time are set out in the Fee Schedule.

Don't be a no show! Cancel in advance

Cancelling the booking in advance gives you an opportunity to recoup money if another member books the vehicle, and means that you won’t be charged a booking fee.

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