Cancellation policy and 'cancelled time' or 'unused time' charges

Short answer:

If you cancel or edit a trip, a 'cancelled time' or 'unused time' charge may be deducted from your refund. This is a charge that applies when you cancel/change all or part of your trip, so that some of the time you had originally booked now goes unused. This includes when you return a car early, cancel a trip, or edit the start or end times of your trip.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel or edit your trip for free up to 48 hours before your trip starts, or within 1 hour of your trip being confirmed. The full amount that you pre-paid for the trip will be refunded to your Car Next Door account.

If you cancel any portion of your trip after the free cancellation period, including starting your trip late or ending it early, that time is subject to the cancellation policy outlined below. The cancelled or unused time charge will be deducted from the amount that you pre-paid for the trip, and the remainder refunded to your Car Next Door account. It will then be refunded to your card within a few days, or you can withdraw it back to your credit or debit card anytime.

You will not be charged a cancellation fee for any time that is rebooked by another borrower – so it's better to cancel and try to recoup some of the cost than to simply not show up for your trip.

Time of cancellation Fee
Less than 24 hours from trip start, or after trip has begun 100% of time reserved, up to 12 hours
24 to 48 hours from trip start 50% of time reserved, up to 4 hours
Over 48 hours from trip start, or within 1 hour of booking the trip No cancellation fee

For example (changing the start time):

  1. you book a trip to start at 9.30am
  2. you later change the trip to start at 10.00am
  3. the 30 minutes from 9.30-10.00am is considered 'cancelled time' and will be charged

For example (returning it early):

  1. you book a trip from 9.00am to 10.00am for $6 an hour
  2. you return the car at 9.30am after being super efficient with your errands
  3. the first 30 minutes will be charged as $3 "trip time" and the 9.30-10.00am portion is considered 'unused time' and will be charged at $3
  4. you haven't paid more than the original $6 for the time you booked, but since you returned the car early you are subject to an "unused time" charge
  5. it also provides you an opportunity to recoup the unused time if another member books the car for the time that was unused by you

Why do I need to pay for time I didn't use the car?

These charges are in place to compensate the car's owner for the fact that your trip may have prevented others from booking the car at that time.

If another member books the car for some of your 'cancelled time', you will not be charged for that time. For example:

  • You book a trip from 1pm to 5pm (4 hours) but at the last minute you change your trip to go from 1pm to 2pm. You would normally be charged for the 3 hours of cancelled time.
  • Someone else books a trip in the car from 4pm to 5pm
  • You'll only be charged for 2 hours of cancelled time, because someone else used one of the hours.

  Quick tip

Don't be a no show! Cancel in advance

Cancelling the trip in advance gives you an opportunity to recoup money if another member books the car, and means that you won’t be charged for the time that was subsequently used by another member.

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  • Please let me know what if I block the car for the unused time, whether it's early return or trip cancellation (within 24 hours or 24-48 hours). Thanks

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  • Hi Giri, if you block out the unused time then it's considered a 'new' booking so you won't get paid for the original time booked by the borrower. Hope that makes sense.

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  • I think you should allow users a refund within the first five minutes if they extend trip time. I accidentally extended my trip another day and immediately wanted to cancel but apparently there is not much point

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  • I had booked a car for a week starting this weekend. I want to cancel the insurance cover as it's covered under my travel insurance.

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  • Hi! If I edit my trip less than 24 hours before the start time, to pick up the car earlier and also return earlier, but maintaining the number of hours booked, will I be charged a cancellation fee? Thanks!

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  • I booked a trip and 5 min later i realized my drivers license was expired. I booked half a day. Cancelled my trip will i see some of my money back or did i lost $40 on nothing?

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