How do I post an ad on Gumtree for my car?

Posting an ad on Gumtree can help local people to find out about your car. Here is a template for a good Gumtree ad ...

How to list your car on Gumtree

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘post an ad’ in the top right. You'll need to sign in or create an account. 
  3. Type in your description, e.g. 'Toyota hiace van for hire - Annandale"
  4. Choose the category: Services for Hire > Hiring > Cars, Trailers and Excavator Hire


Slogan or tagline or motto

Fill this in using  "Hire my (car make & model) (transmission) in (suburb)" e.g. 'Hire my Mazda 2 (MANUAL) in Paddington'

Areas of Expertise


To fill this out, copy and paste these 4 lines of text into each of the first four lines respectively:
Line 1: Car hire, car rental, car rental services, rent a car
Line 2: Van hire, van rental, van rental services
Line 3: Ute hire, ute rental, ute rental services
Line 4: Insurance, customer service, customer support


The description will need to include:

(a) Details of the car

    • with the year, make, the model of the car
    • suburb location, state
    • price (p/hr, p/day) + distance rate and
    • "includes Fuel, Comprehensive Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Servicing and Maintenance"

e.g. "Hire my 2004 Ford Falcon AUTOMATIC from Car Next Door. Located in Campsie, NSW

Price: $7p/hour or $40/day + 33c/ KM and includes Fuel, Comprehensive Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Servicing and Maintenance

You can also add any additional features and your car's profile link.

This is a great car. It has an excellent sound system and lots of space. The car features air-conditioning and a reverse-view camera. 

To hire this car, or for more information, please visit 

Get a link to your car's web page

To get your car’s public profile link, log in to Car Next Door and go to Cars > Select your car > Select “Edit Profile” in top section > Select “View public profile” in the top section.

(b) Info about Car Next Door
Copy & paste the text below and fill in the capitalised words with your own vehicle details. 
This is a through a car sharing system called Car Next Door. 

Car Next Door is a community-based car-sharing marketplace that lets you rent real people's cars, vans and utes on an hourly or daily basis.
To borrow my VEHICLE TYPE, it is quite simple using Car Next Doors technology. You do not need to meet me for the key.

To rent my VEHICLE TYPE you need to:
Join for free as a member of Car Next Door, it's free, fast and simple. It takes around 5 minutes to sign up, all you need is your drivers licence. Once your account is reviewed and activated (usually within 3 hours, 9 am to 6pm, 7 days a week) download the app or go to the website. 

1. Go to the Car Next Door web site, and find my VEHICLE TYPE under SUBURB, VEHICLE TYPE. There is a large selection of cars on the website. 

2. Check my car's calendar. If my VEHICLE TYPE is available, please book it through the website or app. You do not need to contact me. You can book it last minutes as well.

3. Once it is time for your booking, you will get a one-time lockbox code from CAR NEXT DOOR fifteen minutes before your booking starts.

Use the one-time lockbox code to open the locked box (Called Fred) NEAR OR ON my VEHICLE TYPE, and grab the key and go! You do not see me or ring me.

4. The car is under CAR NEXT DOOR insurance, therefore, I cannot lend my VEHICLE TYPE outside the system. Sorry!

5. Return the VEHICLE TYPE as per instruction and put the key back into the Fred (Lockbox). That's all.

6. However, you may contact me via mobile or SMS if you need.
Note that I will never rent my car outside of Car Next Door as it would not be covered by insurance. Please do not ask.Examples of work - Upload any pictures of your car to the "examples of work" section. Click 'Add pictures'


Update this with the location of your car

Contact Hours

 Do not update the "Contact Hours" section.

Contact details 

Use your name and email address. Leave the Phone Number field blank. For the website, use the public vehicle profile for the car (same as the link you used in the description section).

All done! Check it and select "POST AD". 

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List your car on Car Next Door

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