Are there any exclusions to the insurance cover?

As with any insurance policy, there are exclusions to your cover. It's important that you understand a few common-sense rules for using Car Next Door cars.

You will not be covered by the insurance, and so may be liable for the full cost of any loss or damage, if you:

  • Use a car to tow anything (unless you are the owner of the car)
  • Drive off-road or on an unsealed road (unless you are the owner of the car)
  • Drive through water, on the beach or in a snow area
  • Drive out of the state in which you collected the car without the permission of the car owner and Car Next Door
  • Drive when a warning light is illuminated or when the car is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition
  • Jump start the car, or use it to jump start another car
  • Carry passengers for a fare, or pick up hitch-hikers
  • Carry anything dangerous or illegal, or use the car in connection with any illegal activity
  • Drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drive while texting
  • Use the vehicle in a reckless or dangerous way or contravene traffic regulations
  • Carry more passengers or cargo than the vehicle is designed for
  • Allow anyone to drive the car who is not a Car Next Door member, or who is a learner driver (unless you are the owner, in which case your nominated Additional drivers may drive)
  • Damage the underbody or roof by driving over or under a fixed object, standing or sitting on the roof, fitting roofracks or carrying things that damage the roof
  • Drive the car more than 24 hours after your booking has ended (unless you are the owner of the car)
  • Leave the car unlocked or fail to secure the key in the Lockbox when returning the vehicle
  • Put the wrong fuel in the vehicle (e.g. petrol in a diesel car)

Please note: this is a summary of the exclusions listed in the Member Agreement, for your convenience. If there is any difference between this summary and full terms set out in the Member Agreement, then the Member Agreement will prevail. 

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  • Please provide direct link to the section of Member Agreement which contains all details.

  • Good point Ehsan - I've added a link. The relevant clauses are no. 9 and 10 in the Member Agreement.

  • Thanks for prompt response, this is much more helpful now.

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