Why Car Next Door takes a share of your income

Short answer:

Car Next Door takes a commission on your car's earnings to cover our costs of having your car on the platform and help us grow our car-sharing community.

Car Next Door keeps a share of your time-based and distance based income to cover the costs of providing everything that makes it possible for you to rent your car safely and easily to strangers.

This includes:

  • comprehensive insurance and roadside
  • buying, installing and maintaining the in-car technology that lets borrowers get the keys without you meeting them, and tracks how far they drive
  • developing and maintaining the software to let you manage your car online and let borrowers book it (we have 8 Australian software developers working on it ... it's very hard to make it seem this easy!)
  • online marketing (ie Google ads and targeted ads on social networks)
  • people to answer the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and help your borrowers out if there are any issues
  • people and systems to handle any fines and process all the fuel payments, tolls, and money that changes hands
  • people to organise any repairs and sort out disputes about damage
  • ... plus we wear the risk if a borrower doesn't pay the bill

If you were to rent your car out privately and handle all of these things yourself, the expense, hassle and risk would likely be far greater than the share of income that goes to Car Next Door.

This share of commission is in addition to your monthly membership fee for each car.

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