How much will the repair cost? How do you make sure the price is fair?

As long as you are not in breach of the terms of the Membership Agreement, the most you will pay for any damage you are responsible for is your Damage Cover Liability (DCL) amount. For repairs costing less than the DCL, we get quotes from our preferred repairers for the work.

Unfortunately the standard costs for car repairs are high and it always increases significantly if it is across multiple panels. There are limited options that we have to reduce costs for you, but we always aim to get the best repairs done at the cheapest prices.

We organise the vast majority of repairs with our preferred repairers. We get very good rates from these repairers as we give them regular work. If we are making a claim, the quotes are independently assessed as part of the claim, but if the damage is below excess, no claim is made. In these scenarios, to get the quote assessed costs a fee of $110 that we have to pass on to the customer at fault. We try to limit costs for customers as much as possible, and we are confident in our repairers’ quotes and our internal knowledge of damage costs to not get the smaller damages assessed, so as to pass on those savings to you.

What if the repairs cost more or less than the estimate?

While we estimate costs carefully, it is not until the repairer completes the work that we know the full cost. It may be more or less than the estimated amount that was charged at the outset. We will let you know when we have the final repair cost, and:

  • If the repairs cost less than the estimate, we will refund the difference to you.
  • If the repairs cost more than the estimate, we will charge you the difference.

How is Car Next Door authorised to charge an estimated cost?

When you are responsible for damage, we will charge your card for the amount that we estimate, in good faith, will be sufficient to cover the cost of repairs (up to your Damage Cover Liability amount). Our authorisation to charge this amount is set out in clause 9.3(b) of the Member Agreement

I can organise the repairs myself for less than the estimate

All repairs need to be organised through Car Next Door and Borrowers aren't able to use their own repairer or organise repairs themselves. We have preferred repairers who we use regularly as we know they will do a quality job with a fast turnaround time. The car’s owner also has the option of using their own preferred repairer. To ensure we can get the car repaired as quickly as possible for the owner, we need to manage the repair process, including using a repairer of our or the owner’s choice.

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