Which borrower membership should I choose - Featherweight or Heavyweight?

We offer two membership plans for borrowers: our no-monthly-fee Featherweight membership, and the $19-per-month Heavyweight plan for regular users.

Featherweight plan

  • No monthly fees
  • $5 booking fee per booking
  • Standard Damage Cover Liability (DCL) of $2000 (or $2500 for drivers under 25)
  • Optional extra fee to reduce DCL to $500 for each booking ($1.50/hour or $18/day; or $2.00/hour or $24/day for drivers under 25)

Heavyweight plan

  • $19 per month membership fee (billed on a calendar month basis)
  • No booking fees
  • Lowest possible Damage Cover Liability (DCL) of $500 for every trip (or $1000 for drivers under 25 - though under-25s on the Heavyweight plan can reduce the DCL to $500 by paying an optional extra fee of 50 cents an hour or $6/day.)

Which plan is right for me?

Our plans suit different types of users. For frequent users it works out cheaper to choose the Heavyweight plan, despite the monthly fee. One whole-day booking per month would cost $23 in booking and DCL reduction fees, so you’d be $4 better off on the Heavyweight plan (and even more if you use the service more regularly). However, if you don’t think you would use Car Next Door every month, you might prefer the Featherweight plan.

How to switch plans

There are no lock-in contracts with either plan and it’s quick and easy to switch between the two by logging into the members’ site.

The billing cycle for the Heavyweight plan is done on a calendar month basis. This means that you'll be charged $19 when you first switch to Heavyweight (even if it's on the last day of the month), and then $19 at the start of every new month. Even taking just one trip on the Heavyweight plan saves you $23 in booking and Damage Cover Liability reduction fees, so you're getting more than $19 value even if your first month on Heavyweight isn't a full calendar month.

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