Short answer:

Joining Car Next Door is free as a Borrower. There are no monthly fees – you'll only pay when you borrow a car.

Borrowing plan inclusions

Our borrowing plan includes:

  • No monthly fees
  • A booking fee per trip
  • Basic Cover with an excess of $2000
  • Optional extra fee to add Premium Cover for an excess of $500 for each trip ($1.50/hour or $18/day)

Legacy Heavyweight plan (no longer available)

Borrowers who joined before 16 March 2021 may be on our legacy $19/month Heavyweight plan. This plan includes:

  • $19 per month membership fee (billed on a calendar month basis)
  • No booking fees
  • Premium Cover included on every trip with an excess of $500


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  • I cannot find any section to change rate plan from website. Has this feature now been removed?

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  • Hi Robert, the rate plan change is only available to Borrower members - if you're a car owner you can already book other cars and get the 'Heavyweight' benefits. If you have any queries about the Owner plans please contact us.

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  • Hi Kate Trumbull,
    I have to admit that it sounds like a strange policy - to give the Heavyweight benefit only to car owners. Because, I cannot see why a car owner will choose to borrow a car and pay for it, instead of using their own car :-(
    That being said, the article says "Borrowers who joined before 16 March 2021 may be on our legacy $19/month Heavyweight plan. ...
    What does it mean "may be"? I joined long before, so can I be on the plan or not? How can I know?

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  • Hi Ariel, we've recently stopped offering the Heavyweight plan. Anyone who was on the Heavyweight plan before 16 March can stay on it but it's not available to new borrowers and existing borrowers can no longer switch to Heavyweight. It looks like in the change we've removed the section of the website where you can see what plan you're on. Sorry for the confusion – I'll raise that with our Product Team. I've checked for you and you're on our free plan. We'll be developing some new plans for borrowers in the future but for the time being only the free plan is available.

    To answer your other question, Owners may choose to borrow a car if they need a different kind of car (like a van or ute), if their car is out on a booking or if they're on holidays in a different city.

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  • $20 *PER DAY* for lowered liabillity "insurance"?? On a car that is ALREADY insured by the owner? This ISN'T "insurance" - this is a profit grab by car next door. The "insurance" money is paid to CND, not to the owner of the car. In addition I've heard of people that are charged $2000 for minor damage that cost only a few hundred to fix. Carnextdoor - are you willing to be transparent about the disbursement of this $18 lowered "insurance" per day? How much is paid to the insurance company, how much to the owner and how much is retained as profit by CND ?

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  • Hi David, the car is covered by our insurance policy when it's on a booking, not the Owner's own policy. As for damage costs, if you have Basic Protection your Damage and Loss Liability is $2000 which means that's the most you'll pay if you're responsible for damage (subject to exclusions: If the repairs cost less than $2000, you'd only be charged for the cost of the repairs.

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