The lockbox and cars with keyless entry

Short answer:

We can install the Lockbox on your property rather than on your car window or provide a pouch or lining for the lockbox. This will block the signal of keyless or proximity keys so that the car will unlock once the key has been removed from the lockbox.

Some cars have keyless or proximity entry, where the car automatically unlocks if the key is within range of the car. In these cases there are a few options to safely store the key in the lockbox without the car unlocking.

If there is a suitable door handle, gate or fence nearby, the lockbox can be attached there rather than to the window of the car.

If the only suitable place for the lockbox is on the window of the car, we can install shielding technology inside the lockbox to block the key’s signal and prevent the car from automatically unlocking. The car will only unlock once the key is removed from the lockbox.

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