Getting more good reviews


Owners can earn positive reviews by:

  • checking the car frequently 
  • ensuring the car is clean and smells good
  • leaving the fuel tank at least 1/4 full
  • keeping up with regular servicing and dealing with any mechanical issues promptly
  • making sure that the car's description is accurate so that there are no surprises for borrowers
  • ensuring that the lockbox is always in place with the key inside


Borrowers can earn positive reviews (and reduce their chances of being blocked from borrowing cars) by:

  • leaving the car clean and tidy
  • leaving the fuel tank at least 1/4 full
  • ensuring that the car and lockbox are properly and securely locked at the end of the trip
  • leaving the car in a legal, untimed parking space within its homezone
  • following the 7 simple car-sharing rules


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