Writing and editing reviews

Short answer:

After each booking, Owners and Borrowers can leave a review for each other. Borrowers can do this through app or website, and Owners through the website. You can't edit a review after you've written it.

At the conclusion of each booking, the Owner and Borrower have 10 days to leave a review for each other. They will be available once both parties have left a review, or at the end of the 10 day period.

Borrowers and Owners can write:

  • A public review, available for other users to see
  • A private review, available only to the other party

For borrowers

When ending a trip

  1. Once you complete the return steps and tap 'End trip', you'll be prompted to leave a review
  2. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down and leave any comments you would like

After a trip has ended

  1. Log in to the website or app
  2. Go to 'Trips' and select the trip you'd like to review
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the review section
  4. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down and leave any comments you would like

For owners

On the website

  1. Log in and go to Cars > Manage this car > Bookings in the website or Cars > Bookings in the app
  2. Select the trip for which you'd like to leave a review
  3. Give a thumbs up or thumbs down and leave any comments you would like for each booking

If you give the Borrower a thumbs down, it will block them from borrowing your car again.

Editing reviews

You can't edit a review after you have submitted it. If you have made an error and it’s important that it be fixed, you can email us. Please note that in order to maintain the integrity of the review system, we will only change or remove reviews in accordance with the Review Policy.

Reviews for cancelled bookings

You can’t leave a review for a cancelled reservation. You can send feedback to the other person directly - you receive their contact details when you make a booking.

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  • I wanted to have my comment changed from public to the borrower, because it's directed at the borrower not the public, but for some reason cnd won't allow it to be changed

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  • Hi I would like to remove my last review or if possible make it positive in any details

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  • Hi Lino, consumer law is very strict about removing or editing reviews from users so in the majority of cases we're not able to change or delete them. If you'd like to chat to us about it please get in touch via live chat or by submitting a request through the Help Centre at www.carnextdoor.com.au/help

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  • So we cannot leave reviewed for cancelled bookings? This is unfair as a car owner was a "no show" and completely left us without transport with no other options and a day trip booked. This person needs to be removed from the site, as a previous review (no sure how they were able to leave a review) stated exactly the same thing.

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