Once we've booked in a date for our installer to come out and get your car set up for sharing, there are just a few things you need to know.

What time is the installer coming? 

Unfortunately we can't promise an exact time for your installation as our installer is driving around town all day doing multiple installs.

The installer will come between 9am and 5pm on your allocated installation day. You just need to leave the car at the address we agreed all day with the key somewhere secret. There's no need to contact us on the day because we will have arranged everything with you in advance.

The installation itself takes about 45 mins and we will be able to switch your car live on the site that afternoon or the next morning, provided you have already completed all your pre-installation tasks.

Changing or cancelling installation details or date

If you need to change the date or details of your installation, please get in touch with us ASAP via phone on 02 8035 8000 during business hours so that we get the message. Do not email, text or send smoke signals please!

Pre-installation tasks

Before your installation, please log in and do three things:

  • Check that your credit card is up to date so that we can charge your first month membership fee pro rata after the installation has been completed 
  • Add your BSB and bank account number so that we can pay you moving forward
  • Fill out your car's public profile in its absolute entirety so that we can switch your car on and get it earning for you as soon as possible after the installation

Once your installation is complete and you've completed the three steps above, we'll be able to put your car live on the site and get it out and earning for you.

Cancelling your existing insurance

Your membership comes with comprehensive insurance for you, your nominated Additional Drivers, and any Borrowers. You can cancel your existing comprehensive insurance from the date of your installation. You will receive an email once your installation is complete to confirm that you are free to cancel your existing insurance.

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