Short answer:

You can end your booking through the app or website - look under Step 11 - End booking and hit the 'End booking' button.

When you drop the car back - especially if you're returning early - you should end your booking.

To do this:

  1. log in (the site or app will be in "trip flow")
  2. go to 'Step 11 - End booking' in the website or complete the return steps in the app
  3. hit the 'End booking' button

If you can't log in, then you can reply 'X' to the SMS that you received at the start of your booking.


If you complete a booking early, the remaining time is considered “cancelled time”. You will still be charged for this time, unless another member books the car. More detail

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  • After doing all the requirements to end the booking, I hit the key “end booking” and it says “unable to end booking”. What am i doing wrong?

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