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All Car Next Door members have a personal invite code to share with friends and family. If they sign up with your invite code, they'll get $15 credit to try us and you'll get $15 credit if they do. This allows you to invite others to join and try Car Next Door and get rewarded for spreading the word.

Every time a new member signs up to Car Next Door with your code, they’ll receive $15 credit. New borrowers receive $15 driving credit towards their first trip, which has a 3 month expiry. New owners who list their car within 30 days of signing up will receive $15 bonus income in their first month.

If someone who uses your code takes a trip, or lists their car within 30 days of signing up, you’ll receive $15 credit. You’ll continue to receive this for each new member, up to a maximum of 5 referral credits per month, and a maximum of 300 lifetime referrals.

  Invite credits expire!

Driving credits for inviting someone or signing up with someone's invite code expire after 3 months - make sure you use it before it disappears!

Next time you're telling someone about Car Next Door, give them your personal invite code to sign up and you'll both be rewarded.

I’m a car owner - why should I invite others to list a car?

More cars means more bookings for you!

We've found that when we set up cars in a new suburb, the more cars there are in a cluster, the more bookings each those cars receive.

The number of Borrowers in an area grows exponentially in relation to the number of cars. If a car is solo in an area, it only takes one booking to eliminate the supply for other Borrowers. So a cluster of cars makes the supply more reliable, and hence attracts more return Borrowers.

We are putting on more cars every week. This will result in more marketing activity, which results in more Borrower applications and more bookings on your car.

You can help to grow the car-sharing community (and your car's activity) by telling your car-owning friends and neighbours about Car Next Door.

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