Using an invite code, referral code or promo code

Short answer:

Booking a trip? Enter your promo code at checkout using our website, or during sign-up in our app or website. Sharing a new car? Enter your code when you start a new listing.

If you've entered our website from a member's link, you won't need to enter the code as it will be automatically applied.

Some promo codes are only valid for new members at Car Next Door. If you’ve already taken a trip, this might be the reason why it isn’t working.

From time to time, we may give current members driving credit to use towards the cost of their next trip. See our Fair Use Policy for invite codes.

Forgot to enter your promo code? 

If you’ve already booked your trip, but forgot to enter your code, contact us and let us know the code you intended to use. We may be able to add the value of the promo or invite code to your account as driving credit.

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