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To cancel a Borrower's booking on your car, select the relevant booking from your car's Bookings page in the website and click 'Cancel this booking'. You may be charged a cancellation fee to compensate the Borrower for the inconvenience.

When you rent your car out through Car Next Door, it’s available for Borrowers to book instantly at the times when you’re not using it. For this system to work, Borrowers need to have confidence that their booking is firm and that they will not be left without transport if you suddenly change your plans.

If you cancel a booking, then:

  • the Borrower will be annoyed and unlikely to book your car again
  • we may charge you in order to help compensate the Borrower for the inconvenience and for finding alternative transport (up to $40)

Cancelling a booking

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Go to Cars > Manage this car > Bookings
  3. Select the booking you would like to cancel
  4. Click 'Cancel this booking'
  5. Follow the prompts to confirm you'd like to cancel


Fees can apply for cancelling a booking, so avoid double-booking with a Borrower by always blocking out your car when you need it. If you do need your car when it's booked by a Borrower, consider using public transport or borrowing another local car instead.

Cancellation fees

The following fees apply to bookings cancelled by Owners, including where the Owner fails to make their car or key available when the booking is due to start. These fees are passed on in full to the Borrower to make up for the inconvenience.

More than 48 hours from trip start $20
Less than 48 hours from trip start $40
Bookings longer than 7 days or made more than 7 days in advance No cancellation fee provided you cancel within 12 hours of receiving the booking

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  • This is all fair and well but as a owner renting my vehicle on car next door sometimes things come up which are unavoidable such as last minute work, vehicle breakdowns etc. We are renting our cars out when they are available at the time, however sometimes things come up and we need to use the vehicle, we shouldn't be penalised for that as it very rarely happens.

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  • What if the booking made from the borrower whom the owner had an unpleasant experience with before? The good borrower are always welcome! That would be great if the rating of borrower can be accessed.

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  • Hi Wenjie, we're about to release a feature where Owners can view Borrowers' profile and reviews. However if a Borrower doesn't meet our community rules, we will give them appropriate warnings and then ban them from the platform altogether.

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  • Can we please have a feature on the app that sends Owners a ‘Booking request has been made for X time’ notification that needs to be approved or declined before the booking is locked in? Provides another double check method in case the car is not blocked out on the calendar but should have been.

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  • Hi Jackson, Car Next Door works on a system of instant bookings, rather than request-and-accept. It means that the cars get a lot more bookings overall. However there's now the Key Handover option where you can set a minimum notice period and meet the borrower to hand over keys. See

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  • It doesn’t make sense that the cancellation fees are only based on hours until the borrowers trip begins. It should also be based on hours since the borrower booked. As an owner, if someone books and within 5 minutes I cancel (regardless of if their trip is going to start in 30 min or 2 weeks), it’s not much of an inconvenience for them to find another car on the platform.

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  • There is a few missing features on carnextdoor that airbnb already have covered.

    1. carnextdoor should look into giving the owners the option of autobook/approval like airbnb does

    - AutoBook - Car gets booked automatically
    - Approval Needed - Car needs approval before is given out
    (That avoids owners giving cars to anybody if they are not comfortable, but they get penalized on how the car comes up on a search, giving preference to owners that allow autobooking.

    2. The amount of days that someone can book your car, potentially someone can book the car for a week and may only use it for an hour.
    Totally not worth it for the owner if they have a low daily price.

    This would avoid more cancellations.

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  • This is fair to those borrowers who book the cars in advance. The recent dispute I had with CND is that if the borrower make the booking in the last minute which put owner no other options but $40 penalty ONLY.
    The below not even in consideration.
    More than 48 hours from trip start $20
    Bookings longer than 7 days or made more than 7 days in advance No cancellation fee provided you cancel within 12 hours of receiving the bookin

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  • I put a blockout on my car 3 days ago so that when the borrower returned the car at 11am today I would be guaranteed to have my car back all day. It was easy to check this was accurate as I was placing a blockout right next to the end of a booking. However, last night I get a message saying that the borrower is keeping the car for 4 days instead of 3. How is that possible when I placed a blockout to ensure this does not happen? It seems my blockout got moved to Sunday which is weird because it DEFINITELY was Saturday when I placed it in my calender. Thanks a lot carnextdoor, nice to know the blockout calender and booking system is not reliable and what can I do about it? Nothing. Can't upset the customer when I just started renting my car I can't afford a negative rating yet. Unbelievable.

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  • A feature needs to be built in to be able to reject a booking within 2-3 minutes. Im constantly blocking out time for my own car which im sure is an unintended consequence of CND's instant booking methodology.

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  • I had my car booked for 9am Saturday morning.
    1/2 hr beforehand I went to check the vehicle was ok for the renter only to find the number plates had been stolen!
    Obviously and regrettably I had to cancel the booking.
    Since this was beyond my control I feel it would be unfair to be charged $40.

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  • What if you've borrowed a van and it's broken down with all your bellongings inside and the owner has come down to help you. Neither of you can cancel from the App and the borrower cant go and rent another Van to collect his belongings as he can't cancel the booking...

    Simple fix would be a mutual cancelation option...

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  • Guys, Cancellation policy holds no good for Owners as website does not say no cancellation fee if the trip is cancelled by the owner within 1 hr of booking but when you talk to the customer support they say that the owner can cancel the trip within 1 hr of getting the booking which seems different verbally and read on website.

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  • Hi Aditya, apologies for the confusion. The version on our website here is correct; I'll follow up with our Member Experience team to make sure they have the right info.
    Additionally, if you do need to cancel, the website will tell you what the cancellation fee is, so you won't be taken by surprise.

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