When will my car's fuel card arrive? What do I do before and after it comes?

When the card will arrive

You will receive your fuel card in the post 1-3 weeks after your car's 'go live' date. In the meantime, borrowers can pay for the petrol and they will be reimbursed. The fuel card is only for borrowers to use - owners don't have access to the PIN.

Our installer will have left a fuel card paddle in your car (probably in the glove box) when they installed the technology. The fuel card gets attached to the paddle to make sure it doesn't get misplaced, or a borrower doesn't put it in their pocket and accidentally walk away with it.

What to do when the card arrives

  1. Remove and ignore the red sticker on the fuel card (the PIN does not need to be activated). 
  2. Peel back paper strip on paddle to reveal sticky tape.
  3. Position the fuel card, ensuring that it is square to the paddle, and the bottom only just covers the sticky tape.
    (NOTE: the card needs to be able to swipe in the card machine whilst attached to the paddle)
  4. Press the card onto the sticky tape until it is firmly stuck.
  5. Put in glovebox for the borrowers. 

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  • I'm an owner and I tried using the fuel card today at a Caltex station as a test and it required a PIN number. Is this an error?

  • Hi, Vinh. That is not an error. The fuel card is actually intended for the borrower's use only. If you're a car owner refuelling your own car, please pay using your own cash or card rather than the fuel card, simply because we have a credit limit on the fuel cards. Thanks!

  • Hi Cali where does a borrower get the pin from for fuelling a borrowed car. My car borrower asked for the pin yesterday and I don't have it. I had to go pay cash since it was after 5 and CND was not picking up calls.

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