Can I drive for Uber or other rideshare services in a Car Next Door vehicle?

You may not drive for Uber, other rideshare services or Uber Eats in a Car Next Door vehicle that you have borrowed.

You may drive your own vehicle for rideshare as well as listing it for rent on Car Next Door, however you will need to have separate insurance to cover any rideshare activity before you list it on Car Next Door.

Car Next Door's insurance will not cover you while you are driving for rideshare or Uber Eats.


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  • As an owner, can I use my own car for Uber or other ridesharing services? Would the CND Alliance insurance cover the passengers that travel in my car?

  • You may drive your own vehicle for rideshare, however you will need separate insurance to cover that activity. Car Next Door's fleet policy does not cover you, your car or your passengers if you are rideshare / Uber driving.

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