Understanding your final trip charge

Short answer:

The final cost of your trip is made up of a number of charges. You can see a full breakdown of the charge by selecting the relevant trip in the website or app and an explanation of each charge below.

Breakdown of trip charges

The charges for your trip will consist of:

  • a charge for the time you had the car
  • a charge for the distance you drove
  • a booking fee
  • a charge to cover Basic Protection (this will be displayed as 'Liability reduction')

It may also consist of:

  • a charge to add Premium Protection
  • a cancelled time or unused time charge
  • toll charges and processing fees
  • fees to extend your trip

Time, booking, Basic Protection and Premium Protection fees are charged at the time you book your trip, with the other fees charged during or after your trip.

  Quick tip

To see a full breakdown of your trip costs, log in and select the relevant trip under the 'Trips' tab.

Time charges

The car's hourly and daily rates are set by the Owner.  The car's hourly rate applies for each hour you have the car, until you reach the daily rate. The daily rate is the most you will pay for the car for any 24 hour period.

Booking fee

To help run our platform we charge a booking fee for each trip. 

Borrowers on our legacy Heavyweight plan don't pay booking fees.

Basic Protection and Premium Protection

These are charges for your Damage and Loss Liability reduction. Basic Protection is included with every trip, and listed as ‘Liability reduction’ on your trip cost breakdown. You can upgrade to Premium Protection for an additional fee.

Borrowers on our legacy Heavyweight plan have Premium Protection included with every trip.

Distance charges

You pay a distance charge for each kilometre you drive. This includes fuel as well as other running costs associated with your driving. This distance charge is 21c, 33c or 45c per kilometre, as chosen by the car's Owner.


Any tolls you incur are charged to you. Most tolls are charged within 48 hours of them being incurred but some tolls may take up to a month.

We charge a processing fee of $0.86 on each toll, which will be listed separately.

Unused time or cancelled time

If you cancel or change your trip, or return the car early, you may see a charge for unused or cancelled time. See a full explanation of these charges.

Extension fee

You pay an extension fee of $0.50 each time you extend your trip past its end time. If your trip's end time has already passed, you'll pay a late extension fee of $10.

$150 deposit

For your first trip, we'll charge a $150 deposit at the time you book your trip. Your distance charge will be deducted from this amount and the balance returned to your Car Next Door account.

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  • Tried to pick up car did not get access code sent to me contacted car Next Door all to no avail
    I am going to be late for my appointment, plus because of that I have to spend an extra $79
    On top of your hire charge of a car that I could not pick up
    Regards Roelant

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  • I faced the same issue where I did not receive the code on time and luckily the car owner helped to unlock and I got the key. It took around 30 mins time for trying. There is no help from car next door if the owner is not available. After this mess I forgot to take photos and start the initial steps in the app, after 2 days when I return the car I did all the steps and I couldnt submit and couldnt get the code to keep the key. Again the owner helped me. On top of that I paid too much for 2 days trip from Canberra to Eden $490 and my fuel expenses were $340 way expensive. I felt very bad after taking car from car next door. I am not going to use this and I won't recommend it.

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  • Hi Sandana, I'm sorry to hear you had trouble using the app to get the lockbox code and upload photos. If you could provide us with more information about what app version and phone you were using that would be really helpful so we can investigate what went wrong. I'm glad the owner was able to help you, but we also have 24/7 phone support so you can call us if you have any problems during a trip. The $490 you paid includes fuel. If you bought fuel during your trip, you can submit a photo of the receipt and we'll reimburse you. Just select the trip in the app and tap 'Refuel'.

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