Understanding your final trip charge

Short answer:

The final cost of your trip is made up of a number of charges, including for the time you had the car and the distance you drove. You can see a full breakdown of the charge by selecting the relevant trip in the website or app.

Breakdown of trip charges

The charges for your trip may consist of:

  • an amount for the time you had the car
  • a charge for the distance you drove
  • a booking fee
  • a charge to reduce your Damage Cover Liability (DCL)
  • if relevant, a cancelled time or unused time charge

You'll pay for these charges in two parts: one payment at the time you book your trip and one after your trip as ended

  Quick tip

To see a full breakdown of your trip costs, log in and click to see details of the relevant trip under the 'Trips' tab.

Hire costs

The hire costs are made up of the time charge, booking fee and Damage Cover Liability reduction fee. You pay these costs upfront when you book your trip.

Time charges

The car's hourly and daily rates are set by the Owner.  The car's hourly rate applies for each hour you have the car, until you reach the daily rate (usually 5 hours). The daily rate is the most you will pay for the car for any 24 hour period.

Booking fee and Damage Cover Liability (DCL) Reduction fee

If you are on the free Featherweight membership plan, you will pay a booking fee for each trip. You may also choose to reduce your Damage Cover Liability for an extra hourly or daily fee.

Heavyweight members pay $19 a month. They do not pay any booking fee, and get a reduced Damage Cover Liability for every trip.

Driving costs

The driving costs are made up of the distance charge and any tolls you incurred during your trip. You pay these costs after your trip is completed.

Distance charges

It's important to take the distance charge into account when estimating the cost of your trip. The distance charge will be 21c, 33c or 45c per kilometre and is chosen by the car's Owner. This covers the fuel you used and compensates the Owner for all of the other running costs associated with your driving.


We bill tolls as they're charged to us or the car's owner, which is generally at the end of the month in which you took the trip. This means you'll be charged for tolls in the month following your trip.

Unused time or cancelled time

If you cancel or change your trip, or return the car early, you may see a charge for unused or cancelled time. See a full explanation of these charges.

$150 deposit

For your first trip, we'll charge a $150 deposit at the time you book your trip. Your distance charge will be deducted from this amount and the balance returned to your Car Next Door account.

Common questions

Why was I just charged when my trip ended some time ago, or hasn't started yet?

You pay for your trip in two parts. We'll charge your card for the time you book, the booking fee and DCL reduction fees at the time you make the booking. After you finish your trip, we'll charge your card for the distance you drove. We don't get notified of your tolls until some weeks later, so these are charged to you early in the month after your trip.

But it would've been cheaper with a rental car!

Overall, renting a neighbour's car is still cheaper than most car rental companies when you take into account fuel, excess reduction and daily fees - plus, you get the convenience of being able to pick up and return the car at a time that suits you, without having to head to the rental car depot. To see a comparison of what different kinds of trips might cost you, check out this cost comparison info.

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