How do I check for damage at the start of my trip?

Before you drive, you must check the car for existing damage and take photos showing all surfaces of the vehicle. This should only take a couple of minutes, but it's really important as it's to protect you in the case of a future damage dispute.

To check for damage and take photos:

  1. Take at least four photos of the vehicle's exterior and at least two of the interior, making sure that they show all surfaces of the car's, including the bonnet, front, back, roof and both sides of the car (the views should overlap so that you don’t miss any corners), and the front and back seats. These photos are essential to protect you in the case of a damage dispute.
  2. Even if it's dark, do your best to take clear photos (try using the flash) – but watch the traffic and don’t endanger yourself!
  3. Upload the photos through the app or website - you should upload the photos as soon as you take them, but if you're unable to do it then make sure you do it within 48 hours of the trip ending
  4. If you find any significant damage or you don't want to drive the car, call us and select Option 3 on the voice menu.


If any damage is discovered after your booking and you did not take clear photos to document it, then you may be held responsible for it.

Remember to take photos again at the end of your booking, and upload these through the app or website.

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