How do I cancel or change a trip I've booked?

How to cancel or change a trip

You can cancel a trip, or change the time it starts or ends, using the app or website. 

  1. Log in to the app or website 
  2. Go to 'Trips'
  3. Find the trip you wish to cancel or edit
  4. Click "view details"
  5. To change the times: edit the details and click 'confirm changes'; or
  6. To cancel altogether: click 'Cancel booking'. 

Fees for cancelling or changing a trip

 Cancellation fees may apply

Fees may apply for cancelling or changing a trip. These fees compensate the car's owner for the fact that they may have missed out on another reservation, or made other travel arrangements for themselves.

Cancellation fee schedule

If you change the time of your trip - for example, you decide to take the same 3-hour trip on Sunday morning instead of Saturday morning, or at 2pm instead of 1pm - all or part of your original trip will be treated as cancelled and fees may apply.

All time booked is paid for in advance at the time you make the booking. If the trip ends up being shorter than booked or cancelled, normal unused time and cancelled time fees will be deducted from this pre-payment. Any amounts leftover will be refunded to your Car Next Door account. You can leave it there as a credit against toll fees, membership fees, or your next trip, or you can refund the money to your credit card via the website or the app.

Please see how 'cancelled time' and 'unused time' fees are calculated.

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